Some Drops

Synchronizing the Audio with the Text

If you want to trigger the display of text based on the current point in a sound file, there are a couple of methods you can use.

In this article, we are going to look one of those method. As said above, while the audio is playing, the said text in the audio should be highlighted in the paragraph.

For this demo, I have chosen a small audio of a quote from Henry Ford about success.

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CSS Border Radius

border-radius in CSS is helping you to apply rounded corners. For a better browser support, you muse use this with the vendor prefix. This property has four values for each radii in the order top-left, top-right, botton-right and bottom-left. If bottom-left is omitted it is the same as top-right. If bottom-right is omitted it is the same as top-left. If top-right is omitted it is the same as top-left. If you give one value, it will be applied to all the radii.

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The Text Editor You’ll Fall in Love With

Everyone requires a text editor to do their coding. Merely the most usual question asked is “Which one is the best?”. Well, if you want a great all around text editor, then download Sublime Text. This is the popular choice amongst web professionals because of its simplicity and low learning curve. It is available for all major operating systems on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Sublime Text 2 is already rocking and Version 3 is currently in beta.

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